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Beautiful Gemstones Make Beautiful Jewelry

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     The MGEM objective or purpose for selling faceted gemstones is to supply our clients & customers with “themed” gemstone parcels they need to build multi-gemstone pieces and sets using the Claw Technique.

     MGEM does NOT sell it’s faceted gemstone kits and lots etc. in “mixed” colors or mixed types. We focus instead on the parcels (or kits) being of the SAME color and type so you can build jewelry sets and pieces that match.

   In order for you to build bracelets, necklaces or multi-gemstone works of real beauty, you MUST be able to obtain gemstones that match each other. Buying parcels of all different sizes and types of gemstones will only allow you to build solitaire type pieces.

     Larger orders made for  wholesale gemstone Lots are cut when ordered.

   MrGemStoneEyes has the faceted gemstones. Their sizes range from 5 to 14mm (and larger) and are positively perfect for jewelry made with the Claw Technique.

   The MGEM inventories include gemstones such as; garnet, amethyst, citrine, peridot, quartz, iolite, carnelian & others. The intent is to supply the entire spectrum of major colors without having to stock every gemstone on the planet. Yet you’ll soon discover that gemstones we do inventory, are among the most beautiful of their type, with top of the line AA and AAA quality in astoundingly vivid colors & clarity.

Beautiful Gemstones Just the RIGHT size, cut & color for wire jewelry artists.            -MGEM-

Unique Faceted Gemstones for a Special Class of Jewelry Artists

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Our gemstone parcels, kits and lots are all created to match each other. They are cut larger & are specifically to be used with wire. They also have the absolute best price you’ll find anywhere in the USA.

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Faceted Gemstones and Gemstone Lots, Parcels & Kits

Welcome to the MrGemStoneEyes Faceted Gemstone Sector

The Very Heart of our Webstore is Faceted Gemstones.The Gemstones Main Title Entering Gematone Lot AreaFilm Roll Image for Faceted Gemstone Title TextMrGemStoneEyes Link Map Title for All Faceted GemstonesText Link Gemstone Map for all MrGemStoneEyes Gemstone Lots, Parcels and Gemstone Kits

   NOTE: We use encrypted buttons and each is placed here with a notice to owner of usage. We try hard to take every measure to insure the safety of all of our accounts, yours & ours.

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This is a Display Model WebStore with full-view photography and lengthy details.

You’ll find it a refreshing difference from the crammed in shopping cart styled websites.

MrGemStoneEyes Link Map for All Faceted Gemstones Topaz, Madeira Citrine, Garnet, Golden Citrine Button Link Amethyst, Talumi, LectraBlue Quartz, Green Onyx, Jasper Chromere, Marco Redundum, Carnelian, Iolite, and Druzy Faceted and Cabochon Gemstones. faceted gemstone star for special themed gemstones Green Banner Overlay on Faceted Gemstone Lot, Parcel and Kit Photo Album These are just a few of the beautiful faceted gemstones you’ll find inside. Carnelian Garnet Ocean Blue TOPAZ Green QUARTZ Tanzanite Blue QUARTZ From single stones to large Lots MGEM has the faceted gemstones. Each are packaged in “themed” kits & parcels, enabling the artist to acquire matching sets of stones without having to spend large sums of money.